La pièce m-5 (à l’origine c-5), [service de police local], numéro de l’événement 2015-177256, indique dans le texte original dans un mauvais anglais :


Author: […] 

Related date/time: Wednesday, 2015-Jul-15 15:43 

On July 15, 2015 Detective […] was assigned to the Human Exploitation and Trafficking Unit, working with […], and Det […]. 

After searching [an advertising website] the following ad was viewed at 2145hrs and a “date” was set to verify that the female depicted in the ad was an adult and was not the victim of human trafficking. 

Det […] queried the phone number from the Ad, [a local area code number] and located several other Ads that had been posted today which were copied and attached to the file. 

100$HH 4 Sexy and pretty Asian Honey !! dot be shy !pick u like ! [A local address] - 19 

Posted: Wednesday, July 15, 2015 10:52 AM 

Extreme Playmates offers a diverse array of beautiful incall service ready to entertain you. Our goal is to meet all of your expectations and know that our customers are always our number one focus. We look forward to hearing from you soon [nom féminin anglais], [nom féminin anglais]! new girl [nom féminin anglais], [nom féminin anglais] be shy !u can see all the girls before you choose u like ?If you do not like ? you can leave, come next week there will be have new girls. 100hh 160h DUO 220hh NO MORE PAY? BUT NO BARGAINING HERE! call or txt [the same phone number mentioned above]. 

Poster’s age: 19 

? Location: [Local address] […] 

? Post ID: […] [local] 

Det […] texted the phone number on the Ad, [the same phone number as above] and was advised that Full Service was $100/HH or $160 H. Det […] was advised to attend [a local address] for 11am appointment. 

At 1050hrs, Det […], Det […] and Det […] attended [the same address as mentioned above] for the scheduled appointment. Officers were parked down the street and decided to monitor the foot traffic coming and going from the residence. At 1051hrs, officers observed a male who was later identified as being, […] walking northbound on [the Avenue in question] and entering the residence. Moments later, another male who was later identified as being […] was observed slowly driving by the residence in a […] bearing [Province] […], parking his vehicle on the street several house away, walking up and entering the residence as well. 

At 1105hrs, Det […] proceeded to attend and knock on the front door. Det […] was greeted by a female who was identified as being […]. […] answered the door in a pink lingerie top and white shorts. While Det […] was speaking with […] Det […] proceeded to enter the kitchen and spoke with […] who was dressed in red lingerie. Det […] was advised by Det […] that two other females had been located upstairs with clients. Both girls were identified as being [Ms. Ng] and […]. 

Upon entering the unit, Det […] noted that there was barely any furniture throughout the house. There was a small kitchen table and a mattress on the floor in every bedroom. Det […] observed condoms and lubricant next to every bed in the upstairs rooms of the home. Each female appeared to have had there own room with there own luggage and personal belongings. 

Det […] spoke with both […] and […] in the kitchen. […] provided Det […] with a Permanent Residence Card for Identification however, [WONG] kept insisting that she was only visiting friends and that she had no belongings or identification in the residence. By process of elimination, Det […] figured that […] was the female who was staying in the master bedroom located at the front of the house. Det […] escorted […] to her room and she confirmed that the suitcase and scattered clothing belong to her. Det […] noted used condom wrappers in the garbage and lubricant located next to her bed. Det […] asked […] to provide him with her identification to which she obtained from a red suitcase that had been hidden in the corner of the bedroom. […] provided Det […] with a […] and […] card. Det […] also noted that […] was in possession of a large quantity of Canadian currency. […] was unsure as to how much money she had and therefore counted all her money and advised that she was in possession of $3945.00. 

Det […] contacted CBSA officer [MACDONALD] who confirmed that [WONG] was here on a visiting permit and could be placed under arrest for overstaying and working in Canada. 

Officer [MACDONALD] also confirmed that both […] and [Ms. Ng] were also on visiting permits and could also be arrested for working in Canada. 

All three females were placed under arrest and transported to the CBSA land office for processing. 

Det […] contacted the owner of the residence, […] and advised her of the investigation. […] attended the house and attempted to contact the tenant, […]. […] advised that he was out of town until Monday and could not attend the residence at this time. […] stated that his sister […] was at the residence and that she could assist her. […] asked if any of the females were given a key to the residence and no one replied. […] stated that she would have the locksmith attend to have the house secured. 

At this point in time, I do not believe that any of these girls were being exploited and was apparent that they had purchased expensive clothing and accessories/purses. 



Author: 1 […] 

Related date/time: Wednesday, 2015-Jul-15 15:54 

July 15th 2015 

On this date, I (D/Cst […]) was assigned to the [local police] Human Trafficking Unit. At 10:50h, Detectives […] […] and myself began static surveillance at [an address] in [the city]. The said address is a two story residential home situated in a residential neighbourhood. The said address is one in which the writer is aware of previous police interactions whereby females working in the sex industry have been deported for Canadian Immigration violations. Furthermore, the writer has been made aware public complaints regarding ‘johns’ attending the address in question and is causing great amount of concern the surrounding neighbours. 

Observations made during surveillance: 

10:51h – white male, approx. 50 yrs, walk up from [an Avenue], entered target location (T.L.) 

10:56h – no change (N/C) 

10:57h Observed a motor vehicle bearing […] drive past T.L. at low rate of speed, turn around, drive past and park a block away, white male, approx. 50 yrs red shorts, white golf shirt walk into T.L. 

At 11:02h, the writer conducted a door knock, Detectives […] and […] followed in after the writer was invited inside the premises. The female that answered the door was: […] wearing pink lingerie. [WONG] was asked to sit down while officers cleared the premises in order to account for all persons inside the premises for officer safety reasons. 

The writer and Detective […] cleared the upstairs, the writer knocked on a bedroom door and was greeted by: [Ms. Ng] and […]. [Ms. Ng] was wearing a peach coloured lingerie top, which was very revealing, no bottoms and […] was shirtless and in the process of putting his pants on. 

Room description: double bed, no furniture, red sheets tacked to the wall which created a red ambiance to the room, used condom on the floor. 

[…] and [Ms. Ng] were asked / permitted to put on proper clothing. 

Detective […] provided the writer with a drivers licence from a second male located in another bedroom. The male was identified as: […]. The writer conducted name queries on the two males which both revealed no previous contacts with [local police] and no current criminal chargers. 

[…] and […] were individually spoke to about the criminality of their activity, in that it supports organized crime and human trafficking, not to mention the danger of sexually transmitted diseases. [FLANDERS] was quick to state he used a condom. 

In speaking with […] he was upfront about using [the advertising website mentioned above] as a method to finding the location in question. He advised that he sent a text to a phone number listed in the add and he received a reply with the address and prices. […] said: “it was like receiving a menu”. […] stated he deleted the text message but remembered it was $120 / 30 minutes and $120 for 60 minutes. The added that he was in the middle of negotiating ‘extras’ with [...] when Detective […] knocked on the door. The ‘extras’ is slang terminology for paying for additional sexual services above and beyond a sensual massage. 

By 11:20h, […] and […] both cleared the scene and state they were extremely embarrassed for their actions of this date and would never do it again. 

At 12:15h, the writer was approached by a neighbour who identified herself as […] and stated that she was concerned about the type of activity at the address in question and was willing to provide police with a statement if that was helpful. […] further added that she had been taking down plates for a period of time, because of all the traffic attending the location in question. […] provided the writer with her email and follow-up will be conducted. 

This ended the writers involvement. 

13:25h cleared the scene. 


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