La pièce m-6 (à l’origine c-6), déclaration (IMM1392) – les notes écrites a la main de l’officier [F. Belanger] de l’ASFC, signée le 15 juillet 2015, dit dans le mauvais anglais original :

Interview in Cantonese –

Q.        when did you arrive to Canada.

A.        [month and day] – [one city] to [another city].

Q.        why did you come to Canada?

A.        [Victor] is here.

Q.        Where does he lives?

A.        Every time I take the Bus, I don’t know the name of street – [this city]. I’m not good in English.

Q.        Name of [Victor]?

A.        [Victor]

Q.        What is the family name?

A.        I’m not good in English so I don’t know.

Q.        How did you meet [Victor]?

A.        He was working [abroad] Before. […] Speak [an unofficial language]

Q.        When did you met [Victor]?

A.        A few years ago, we have been together for about 1 y.

Q.        What did you do while you were in Canada.

A.        I was not working. I was here to be with him to develop our relationship.

Q.        Do you have a return ticket?

A.        Will buy one when time to go.

Q.        how much money do you have with you now?

A.        Around $600.

Q.        How can I reach [Victor]?

A.        You can call him (I went to get telephone [Victor’s correct telephone number]).

Q.        How do you go to [Victor]’s place?

A.        if I take taxi, I show the phone to the driver & he talks with [Victor] to know

But I take the Bus too.

Q.        How do you Take the Bus?

A.        I am always with him.

Q.        How did you know the other girls?

A.        we knew each other from [abroad].

Q.        Why did you go at this house?

A.        Went to see my friend for lunch.

Q.        What did you do while you are in Canada?

A.        Develop Relationship with [Victor] & visit.

Q.        What did you visit?

A.        Just visit the city.

Q.        Where does he ([Victor]) lives?

A.        I don’t know the address.

Q.        What does it looks like?

A.        It’s a nice place.

*Cannot describe the place [Victor] live!


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