The French Nation of Canada recommends that the Government of Ontario petition the Government of Canada to replace all public media funding in the province by a media-voucher policy whereby the Government would issue an electronic media voucher to each person over the age of fifteen for himself and each dependent under the age of fifteen that would allow him to subscribe to participating media in the signed or oral or official or unofficial language of his choice.


We recommend that the Government of Canada exempt these media companies from national-content requirements so as to enable lesser-used language media to collaborate with their counterparts abroad. This could especially benefit Deaf and indigenous media companies among others.

We recommend, however, that the Government of Canada impose moral censorship on participating media while allowing them to participate or not. For example, it might prohibit participating media from advertizing or broadcasting pornography, gambling, alcohol, nicotine, and any other addictive substance or behavior and any programming above at a rating above child-appropriate content.


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