‘Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.’


As a community that promotes official unilingualism and any official recognition only for:

  1. the local indigenous sign-language,

  2. International Sign,

  3. the locally-dominant sign-language,

  4. the local indigenous oral language,

  5. Esperanto, and

  6. the locally-dominant unofficial language,

the French Nation of Canada thus favours maximal linguistic deregulation in every unofficial domain and the promotion of the principle of an international auxiliary language to enable the French language to flourish in such an environment though the means of its own speakers.

The French Nation of Canada favours a school-voucher system, similar to the Swedish one, that would allow each parent to send his child to the participating school of his choice and each participating school to teach in the official or unofficial language of its choice according to free-market supply and demand, provided that the school ensures that the student can pass the provincial tests in the official language of the State. The provincial government could, however, offer a higher-valued voucher to the parent of a Deaf or indigenous child, for example.

In 1917, clubs and associations were dissolved, schools closed, and German-language newspapers suppressed. A school-voucher system would enable today's German-speakers to re-establish their schools according to free-market supply and demand.


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