That’s not surprising. How many new arrivals that does not speak French or English in Canada, would not live the same type of situation, would not be in a position, for example, to specify the … the … the name of the street where they’re … the … the … the place of residence is, but would be able to mention, for example, if there’s any landmark or any specific building close by.

Again, I think it’s … it’s more a question of … of understanding the meaning of the answers provided. Language is not just a reference to a word but also of the text behind the phrase or the word that is provided.

So all in all I’m satisfied that, from the notes that are being presented here, there’s nothing that really can affect the general credibility of [Ms. Ng].

Also in regards with the … the notes of [Officer Bélanger] which were the last … which is the last Exhibit Number 8 I think.

The elements that have been raised specifically in regard with Ms … [Ms. Ng], in my view, has … has … they have an explanation, as I mentioned before. Clearly, my understanding is that considering what’s happening in [that city] at the moment, where the team, the Immigration team, CBSA and also in [another location] the [local police], the Canada Border Services, for many months now they have been investigating these kind of massage parlours and activities all over the city.

And let’s be clear, this is not the problem in … only in [that city], but it’s … it’s national. The main Canadian centres have the same issues. And a few months ago we … the … the … it … it was in … also in the … in the newspaper. There was an organization that actually … members of the organization were arrested because they were the heads of this type of crime.

That’s why I say that people … lady … everybody is very sensitive to the … the … these type of situations. But again, that’s why it brings me again to the comment that I made, we have to be very careful not to conclude that every Asian lady finding herself in a place like that, for any kind of reasons, we cannot reach to … automatically to the conclusion that she’s working there in that type of work, because it’s too easy. Too easy, and I would … I would add also offensive. Okay.

Oh, yeah. So basically I’m satisfied that I understand … so what I want to say is I understand how this file evaluated by the Immigration officer. I understand the frame of mind that this officer may have been on that day when she spoke to [Ms. Ng].

She … [Ms. Bélanger] indicates in … that she kind of compared the stories with the other two ladies, which names should have been redacted, by the way. But doesn’t say what’s … what’s the … doesn’t say what’s the … the … what’s similar between the stories. Doesn’t clarify what’s … what’s similar with [Ms. Li], with the other person.

I also take note to the fact that during the … it appears that during the investigation by the police [Ms. Ng] would not have been asked any questions by the police, so there’s no mention of her providing any information also to the police officer on that day.

So consequently, all in all, and I’m satisfied that then a positive decision should be rendered in favour of [Ms. Ng]. And I’m going to provide you with a document with that.


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